Finding Me

20 Nov

Today marks the first anniversary of my exodus from corporate life. A year ago today, I gave up what was a relatively lucrative career to find that which seemed to be missing in my life. Having worked immediately and continuously after college (I have never been “vacant” — except for maternity leaves), I knew experiencing a life different from the one I had for the last fifteen years would add dimension to my existence. While a mid-life “career” change in unheard of (especially in my circles), I knew deep-down that it was what I needed to feel fulfilled.

I wanted to be clear in what were most important in my life and I wanted my actions/career/goals to directly contribute to that. I wanted to do everything I dreamed about when I was younger — and make a living out of it (except for the burlesque dancing — long story).

I longed to spend, not just quality, but quantity time with my kids. I wanted to be at home when stuff happened — not just hear about it from my maids when I arrived home for dinner. For Carlo and Diego, I was at the office when my babies walked and talked for the first time. I only caught the replays. I wanted things to be different with Lisa.

I aimed to prove that I could work the washing the machine. That I could iron a pair of pants and make crisp folds. While I know I will always design a Microsoft Access database better than I could make a Sunday evening dinner, I wanted to show Mel I could create a meal that didn’t involve deep-frying.

A year hence, I got what I wanted. I’ve become an entrepreneur with an exciting medium-term plan. I’ve seen Lisa through many firsts. And today, I just hosed maggots out of our giant trash can with expert skill.  Uh-huh, I am feeling sooo complete right about now.

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