Che — the man and the expletive

5 Dec

I overheard two high school kids at a t-shirt store at 2 pm on a school day, discussing “rebel merchandise” with this guy’s face plastered on them.

BOI: Pare, gusto ko nito. Para astig.

BOI2: E sino ba ‘to?

BOI: Si Paquito Diaz.

Part of me wanted to grab them by their collars, stuff the Che Guevarra t-shirts down their throats and show them what a real contra-bida looked like. I wanted to pound on them until they realized what they missed while they were hanging out at the mall when they should have been in class. I wanted to tell them what Che Guevarra represented to Filipino student activists of the early 70’s who were wooed by the man’s guerilla idealism at a time in our country when teenagers were being thrown in jail and tortured for saying the president didn’t run the country right.

Instead, I just read their school’s name off their uniforms and made a mental note where I will NEVER send my children to get an education.

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