Retro 2004

12 Jan

The year 2004 has been a whopper. It marked such a dramatic turning point in my life (in some ways, for the better; in others, worse) that it is only fitting to bid it farewell with an entry — a first for me.

What was your greatest 2004 discovery? I got hooked later than everyone else, but here goes … Spongebob Squarepants (certified brain drain), Band of Brothers (made me appreciate a film genre I used to stay away from), Bowling for Soup (“1985” was soo fun), Plato Wraps (yum), Summit Books (short, fun indulgences).

What was the best thing about your 2004? Having time. “Quantity time” to hang out with my kids doing absolutely nothing, which beats the hell out of what I used to do — cramming a truckload of activities into weekend “quality time”. That, and getting several gorgeous Coach and Kenneth Cole shoes with matching purses from my sister.

What was the scariest thing about your 2004? Starting my own business. I feel more emotional and financial pressure in trying to generate sales for my small business than I ever felt when I was running after 200 million dollar telecoms infrastructure accounts where 100 jobs hung in the balance. For the record, Britney singing “My Prerogative” also gave me quite a scare.

If there was one thing in 2004 you could change, what would it be? I would have wanted Mother Nature to take out her yuletide fury (something all mothers experience) somewhere aside from South East Asia and the Philippines’ Region 5. Somewhere uninhabited. I would also have wanted to have more will power to eat less carbohydrates.

What never happened in 2004 you wished did? My dad, my mom, my brother, my sisters, me, our spouses and kids all having a meal together in the house I grew up in … something that could never ever happen, sadly. Oh, and winning the Lotto jackpot would have been nice too.

What is your top year-end/new year resolution? Stop procrastinating. Ha ha. The fact that I wrote this on the 12th of January is a measure of how far a promise boldly declared on the eve of a new year, after downing (out of politeness for our hosts) several ginseng “health” drinks (13% alcohol, I read later) go with me. Oh well, c’est la mon vie.

Have a great 2005, folks!

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