Sooo Bored

13 Jan

Yes I am.

I am exhausted from canibalizing my life for material for my weblog.  I am tired of referring to this page as “Dailies” when clearly, I am always too damn lazy or busy or tired to write something every day.  I have had it with launching into an animated delivery of a gloriously funny thing that happened in my life only to have the person across me say, “Oh, yeah, I read about that on your site.”

I am too much of a tight-arsed snob to stay on the “blogging bandwagon” when this increasingly commercialized phenomenon has every kid in the country wanting to tell the world “WaT dEy Hd 4 BrEkFst”.  I am bored with people with arses tighter than mine, who act all “good-god-what-have-you-done!” after reading something I wrote that they don’t agree with. The same guys who believe that if something is on the Internet, everyone else will think it’s true.

So, I’ve decided to do this place over. Just a bit. ‘Will rethink the structure and the content, keeping most of the design elements which I’ve grown accustomed to. I still want to write, no doubt about that; but I will be writing about something else, writing some other way. Basta.

Stay tuned.

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