What It Will Be Like

21 Jan

You will no longer read about my life beyond January 2004 on this site .

Instead, you will be reading short short stories I’ve fashioned in my head. Or tall tales close friends of my neigbor’s yaya‘s cousin’s boyfriend’s ex swear by. Or mini-epics I’ve pulled out of my rear crevice while picking my nose. Or anecdotes about people in my life, dressed up to read like fiction, so I won’t make anyone cry (again?).

My entries will remain short (because my attention span isn’t what it used to be) but hopefully, will be more frequent. Some will be fun and funny — some won’t. Some will celebrate love, joy and cute, fluffy, bunny rabbits. Some will be disturbing and dark, because I need to make up for torturing you with the darn bunny rabbits. Some will carry messages of hope or change in a world that needs it. But mostly, they will be pointless because … well, a lot of things I do are.

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