Cherry Twigs

30 Jan

Thirty seconds in the life of Ashley and Achilles, soulmates:

Do you love me, Achilles?

Of course, hon.

Tell me why.

Because you have a generous soul, a kind heart and a wicked sense of humor. You have a playful smile that keeps me guessing what’s going on in that delightfully complicated mind of yours…


Plus you’ve got humongous mammaries and a tongue that can make knots in cherry twigs in less than ten seconds.

Niiice. An 9.25 that time.

Much better than the cr*p Piolo or Jericho can spew, huh?

Totally, dear. Idagdag mo pa si Diether.

But I really meant that. The whole bit — soul, heart, smile, mammaries, cherry twigs. I love.

I know.

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