15 Mar

My boss’ nostrils flare when she’s angry. And as I entered her room, she had just put down her mobile phone and I could see one could easily putt a golfball through her nasal cavity.

“Mr. Lopez called to tell me he had been waiting at the penthouse boardroom for twenty minutes now. He said he received no advise that I requested our meeting this afternoon to be rescheduled.”

What the … “I called his office three times, Ma’m. I spoke thrice to the woman who answered his landline, Ma’m. Sally.”

“Well, his entire staff are all busy filing …”

What? Their nails?

“… documents in boxes to prepare for their office move. And he was not informed …”

… that he has a bunch of retards working for him?

“… of my request. This is unacceptable! Where on earth is your professionalism?”

The same place your sense of fairness is. You don’t want to give me his cellphone number and his staff didn’t tell him! “I’m sorry about the mix-up, Ma’m. I should have called several more times until they confirmed.”

“Effort is not equivalent to effectiveness, Carol.”

Yeah? Well green blouse plus brown pants doesn’t add up either; but it never stopped you.

“Just … just fetch me a cup of chamomile tea. I need to get rid of all this negative energy.”

“Yes, Ma’m.” I turned to rush to the pantry, letting a ball of saliva well in middle of my tongue. I know just what my boss’ tea needs to help her get her mojo back.

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