Mincing Words

31 May

The restaurant was crowded that evening. A young attractive couple was seated at corner of the bar in casual conversation. In the way she nervously stroked her long hair and he coughed through silences, they were clearly on their first date.

He: “I have to admit — I was very nervous about going to dinner with you.”

She: “How come?”

He: “Well, you sort of have a reputation of being an intellectual snob.”

She: “I like witty conversation as much as the next person. ‘Intellectual snob’ is a bit extreme.”

He: “I was told you quiz your dates. Kinda like a screening them if they were smart enough to move on to the next round.”

She: “Hahaha! You watch waaay too many reality shows.” (changing topics) “So tell me, what do you think of the steak? That’s the specialty of the house.”

He: “It’s okay. Personally, I prefer my steak lightly charred, a bit more tostado.”

She: “You have to be careful with burnt meat. They say its carcinogenic.”

He: “No, no. It’s cooked to the core. It’s not frozen.”

She: “Oh. You must have confused what I meant with ‘cryogenic‘.”

He: “Cryo … you’re right. My mistake. Whoa … you mean charred meat can block my pores?”

She: “That’s ‘comodegenic’.”

He: “Okay, whatever! As long as it’s not bad for my health!”

She: “Right.”

By now, the couple was clearly on their last date.

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