30 Jun

As the monsoons poise to wreak havoc to our fair Manila, the Renaissance Girl returns. Yes, folks, like athlete’s foot to the flood waders, I am back.  I went through some heavy existential phase these past few months — questioning my life’s purpose, finding my faith, pursuing what is important in my life, finally embracing the sacrifices I have to make for those I love most. Hell, I have even sworn off shoes taller than two inches for the sake of my rickety lumbar.

In the spirit of giving my life an overhaul, I am still reeling from the changes I made. Give me time and I will most likely spill them here. Because at the end of the day (this prepositional phrase is dedicated to Batjay), like most web logging individuals out there, I draw an eerie high from the cannibalization of my life for material.  Seeing my mojo and I are reconciled, do drop by again.

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