12 Jul

Eons ago, I resolved never to be late for anything. And I have been very good with this personal rule so far (clearly, this rule is waived when I have to travel with and wait on 3 kids, 2 yayas and one very, very makupad spouse). I chalk up the vow (I once lived on “Filipino time” too) to Robert, a true mentor, an ex-boss, and an ex-Major in the Swedish Airforce. I remember walking into his office seven minutes late for a one-on-one meeting. The man screamed at me: “You stole seven minutes of my life and I can never get it back!” Instead of mumbling a lame excuse, I took his outrage to heart.  To this day, I see tardiness as blatant disrespect for other people.

I am sitting in an empty conference room. I am waiting for attendees to a meeting which should have started 14 minutes ago. I pity the next soul who comes through the door.  Not feeling the zen right now.

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