3 Oct

Weeks ago, THE Mikey asked me to sign up for some blog group they were putting together. And because THE Mikey asked, I blindly said ‘yes’ — having no **bleep**ing idea if by replying to that email, I was signing over my soul to some cult and if I was agreeing to attend clandestine meetings wearing nothing but a paper bag over my head. Good news is I still have my soul — bad news, no paper bag party.

So Mikey’s “cult” turns out to be Dash Media, a project featuring weblogs that have “passed through the most stringent of criteria focused on the quality of the content”. Readers are assured that bloggers who flash the DM badge can spell/capitalize/punctuate properly, can get their subject and verbs to match and can talk about something else other than the absence of topics to write about. And yes, we are also hella sexy.

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