The Un-Snack

12 Oct

I went shopping for energy bars with my ever-sensible Ate Sushi two months ago. She educated me in the reality that not all energy bars are a good snack alternative, as some can be very high in calories and fat. Being a marketing person (ergo knowledgeable of many cases of utter fraud committed by my advertising brethren), I agreed completely. We scrutinuzed the nutrition value of the options that stared back at us from a long grocery store aisle, settled on this and grabbed a couple of boxes.

That was 10 weeks ago. And I am still working on them. As I broke the filling on one of my molars today, I am forced to admit that I am NOT a healthy grains and cereals kind-o-gal. I have been faking it. Ayaw ko nang mag-balat-kayo! Sa totoo lang, lasa siyang tabla! Narinig niyo ba ako — TABLAAAA!  I just switched to dehydrated peas today.

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