Eh- Whaaat?

26 Nov

I flew out of the country a few Mondays back. Weather was bad and the flight was bumpy — so bumpy I finally got to use the airline-provided paper bags for the purpose it was intended (a first!). I thought that was the end of my indignity; but, no. I endured my next two days on solid ground with a really bad headache (hey, I’m a woman — ergo, high pain threshold). On the third day, I sought emergency medical care in a country that labels medication in a language I do not understand. Turned out my eardrum broke from baro-trauma — which explained the headache and the pain that started from my ear and crept down my throat (I said I had high pain tolerance — didn’t say I was smart).

Walked around deaf in one ear for a while. The upside was I had to modulate my voice (as it echoed it my head) and it was really sexy. The downside was — and this was a major handicap — when the man I share my bedroom with broke wind, I could not hear it; and that hindered me from running out of the room, or at the very least, from seeking refuge upwind.

My hearing’s back now. So if I don’t turn when you call, I’m just ignoring you.

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