The Nose Knows

21 Aug

I ran out of Johnson’s baby cologne, my pambahay scent; so I ended up using my “going-out” parfum, Estee Lauder’s Beautiful. It was 9pm. I had just taken a bath and was getting ready for bed.  As I was drying my hair, my three- and my seven-year old entered the room. Their faces immediately changed; and the two began whimpering softly, like muffled puppies.

“What’s wrong?” I turned.

My boy pouted, his lips puffed up more than usual. “Where are you going?”

“Uh – to bed.” I pointed to what I was wearing. “I’m in pajamas.”

He crossed his arms in front of him. The three-year old girl, being the copycat that she is, did exactly the same thing. “But you smell like work.”

My children are trying to make two points. One, I have to stop returning to the office for conference calls with the US, sneaking out in the middle of the night. Two, if I do not want to be suspected of intending to go back to work, I should not smell too good when I tuck them in.

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