Mel and the PTA

15 Sep

My husband dislikes joining organizations. Specifically, organizations which need him to do anything. A total opposite of my dad who jumps at every opportunity to lead, Mel prefers to show up for org meetings only if he can slink in the back row in peace and if free finger sandwiches are on the agenda.

Knowing all too well how he is, I felt it was my job to try to get him to participate in the PTA for our son’s school. I was hoping he was ready to help inspire our children do well academically by being involved — ‘hoping’ being the key word here.

I filled out most of the parents’ questionnaire we got the other day, and consulted him for the last two questions.

“Dear, what committee do you want to join?”
“Yung pwedeng nasa bahay lang.”

“What area can you be a resource person for?”

Ok, so he’s not ready.

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