‘Been Around the World and Ayayay …

1 Nov

Life has taken me to four countries in six weeks. That’s seven airports in two continents. Four time zones and two climates. The trips have not been without their hiccups. Like when I rented a car in the US with GPS, entered the wrong hotel address and drove into the belly-button of the American midwest. I was 20 miles off course before I realized the oversight; and by then, all I could see was corn and truckers. But no threat of missing my transfer, of facing power-tripping immigraton officer or of being crushed by my kabayans scrambling for their balikbayan boxes can compare to the scare I faced when I got home: getting caught between a hoard of sugar-fuelled children in Halloween costumes and a giant bag of candy. I swear I saw a rabid three-year old in butterfly wings.

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