Mel’s Daughter

19 Nov

While my four-year-old daughter looks freakishly like me proof that she carries Mel’s DNA jumps out at me every so often.

Daughter:  Mommy, why is your tummy so big?

Mona:  Well, when your Kuya C was was a very, very little baby, he lived in my tummy.  It made my tummy stretch so he can move and play.  When Kuya D was a little baby he lived in my tummy too.  And when you were a little baby, you lived in my tummy too.  My tummy is big because all of my babies grew inside and then came out of tummy.  (The more logical Mommy-ate-too-many-pizzas-and-burgers version was not whimsical enough).

Daughter:  So who came out of your arms?



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  1. Petrie 05.20.2008 at 17:51 #

    WAHAHAHA bumenta.

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