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2 Mar

I have been away from this blog for a while — about two-three years. And with its resuscitation, I find myself checking my old haunts. How things have changed in the Blogosphere since 2005.

  • Some sites have disappeared. Clicking on a dead link is like driving to a house you have fond memories of as a kid, only to find a pile of hollow blocks and a toilet bowl sitting on an empty lot. Where did Melissa’s Pinay Expat, and Din’s World go?
  • Some just moved to another medium.  The Nocturnal Angel is snapping, crackling and popping at wordpress now. I am also finding a whole bunch of people at Facebook.
  • The editorial voice of some sites have morphed with the author. A once angry chick became a mom twice times over since last I visited. Proves that bloggers, if they put their minds to it, can live happy, normal, unplugged lives.
  • A small fraction turned commercial. Not really happy about how some of my favorite blogs now have ad banners mixed in with their entries. ‘Same way I feel about Boracay. I loved it when it was a sleepy, island with sand so fine you can sink if you stand in one spot too long. I became a non-fan as soon as the five-star hotels, billboards and tarpaulin banners went up.
  • New bloggers are finding interesting, albeit less personal, voices. The younger bloggers who, back when I started, were in grade school and wRoTe oN-LiNe tHiS wAy, have come up with great stuff. Armed with social media tools and more stable publishing & hosting options, the new bloggers have learned from the blunders of my generation. They know that talking into the void is not enough. They know content is king and they are jumping into the Web with fire and focus.
  • There are more bloggers now than there were back when I was in fashion. Now I know where all of those pictures people take of their food at restaurants go.
  • Some have kept true to why they started blogging in the first place. The famous Batjay and his humping humor. The expatriated Ate Sienna and her coloquialisms.  The fashionable J and his random awesomeness.  The techie Linnor and family fun. The “newly-wed” Toni and everything homespun.  The snobbish Mike and the thousand-peso expletives.  Professor Rolly and the introspection.

It’s great to be back.  Is anyone throwing me a bienvenida party yet?


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  1. batjay 03.02.2010 at 11:17 #

    welcome back mona – walang kupas pa rin ang pagsusulat mo. nanghinayang nga ako nung umalis ka pero tuwang tuwa naman ngayon sa iyong pagbalik.

    dami na ngang nagbago. pati nga yung high school principal kong si tibo, nasa facebook na.

  2. Jason 03.02.2010 at 19:29 #

    Eeeep!!!! Sobrang na-excite ako! Are you truly, truly, truuulily back?

  3. Mona 03.03.2010 at 07:10 #

    @batjay: hay naku, yang facebook na yan. after finding each other on facebook my husband and his friends are having a reunion. a grade school reunion. catered event pa nga yata.

    @jason: yes, i am back. really, really. this time, i promise to behave. i will keep the figurative castrations to a minimum. 🙂


  4. rolly 03.03.2010 at 13:57 #

    haha, you gave me too much credit. I’m not a professor but a high school Art teacher somewhere south of Manila.

  5. Mona 03.03.2010 at 20:55 #

    @prof rolly: “professor” is reserved for educators who inspire introspect and engineer profound learning experiences. ikaw yun 🙂

  6. batjay 03.05.2010 at 02:57 #

    but i also noticed a big drop of visitors after facebook and twitter took off. parang may nagtayo ng bagong freeway at doon na nagdadaan ang mga tao kaya biglang nawalan ng traffic dahil yung bahay mo ay nasa dating national road.

    pero ok lang, feels like starting again and there’s less noise.

  7. Mona 03.05.2010 at 08:01 #

    attention spans are decreasing. if you can’t make your point in 140 characters or less, they move on. what can i say, we’re old school. 🙂

  8. The Ca t 03.06.2010 at 02:42 #

    welcome back Mona. I am a fan.

    The Ca t

  9. Mona 03.06.2010 at 07:24 #

    thanks! you are too kind, cat.

  10. Len Dizon 03.07.2010 at 01:18 #

    Hi Mona! I remember that your blog was the first ever blog I came across and followed faithfully in 2001.

  11. Mona 03.07.2010 at 19:15 #

    @len: aw, thanks for checking up on me again. 2001, almost 10 years ago, a lifetime!

  12. pajammy 03.14.2010 at 03:19 #

    i was gone for two to three years too and have only decided a few days ago to really start blogging again..

    you’re right, the blogging world has changed so much! there are so many people i’ve lost touch with but i hope to find them again..

    welcome back!


  13. ate sienna 03.20.2010 at 00:34 #

    alam mo, and this I will now let known, whenever I clean up my blogroll list of mistulang “patay na” blogs, yours is one of the 2 or 3 blogs na never kong pinatay sa links ko all this time. Kasi alam ko, babalik ka pa. For some reason, even reading your old posts still bring a smile to my lips. Kaya kanda-hintay pa rin ako sa iyo na babalik ka. And you did… and it’s soooo good you’re back 🙂

  14. Toni 04.23.2010 at 11:10 #

    You’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I missed your writing!

  15. jen 04.23.2010 at 13:07 #

    Welcome back Miss Mona! I’m one of your avid followers (i keep coming back and waiting for a new entry to appear! and here it is!).

  16. Mona 04.24.2010 at 19:47 #

    @toni @jen, trying to get my old groove back. 🙂

  17. witsandnuts 04.25.2010 at 13:40 #

    Welcome back! Thanks to Toni (of Wifely Steps) that I found an interesting blog again. =)

    • Mona 04.25.2010 at 21:46 #

      @witsandnuts: thanks so much! hope to “see” again here soon. 🙂

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