Forgetting Wonderland

6 Mar

‘Saw “Alice in Wonderland” last night with the kids.  I do not agree with twitterdom; I thought the film was great.  It resonated to a side of me that was reminded of intangibles we lose with age.  Of the loss of whimsy that comes with powerpoints, hypertension and car insurance.  It made me wonder why  I don’t practice my cartwheels* when I see open space anymore.  Why I don’t hold my breath when I drive over bridges.  Why I don’t get excited over Christmas or my own birthday.  When did all that happen?  Yes, methinks I may have lost my “much-ness”.

We watched the movie in 3D — a first for my three children.  Throughout the film, I noticed my 6-year old reaching out into thin air to touch what she was seeing through the magic of plastic glasses.  Perhaps, I did not need Tim Burton’s Alice and the prismatic imagery.  What I needed to remind me of my “Wonderland” has been in front of my very eyes.  Sporting a mohawk.

*Oh, wait.  I remember now.  80 pounds of belly fat.


4 Responses to “Forgetting Wonderland”

  1. Arsenio 03.07.2010 at 01:48 #

    I actually liked Alice in the Wonderland too, and any Tim Burton film is always ok in my book … except the atrocity that is *shudder* Planet of the Apes.

  2. Mona 03.07.2010 at 19:17 #

    @arsenio: ako naman, i never liked any of his movies. maybe edward scissorhands. all of his animated ventures, definitely not. this one was wonderful surprise.

  3. rolly 03.08.2010 at 11:49 #

    maybe I ought to see this one to be reminded that I once looked at the clouds to see what kind of formation it holds for me. I have always tried to touch base with reality that I don’t enjoy it anymore.

  4. Mona 03.10.2010 at 20:05 #

    @rolly: harder than it sounds; but we should definitely try to get in touch with our younger selves once in a while. 🙂

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