Blogger’s remorse

26 May


Over the last few weeks, I have been studying search engine optimization, how tagging images and content properly improves one search engine relevance, the many site success metrics, among others – all using my websites as a playground. I re-read my blog, from 2002 when it was called “Renaissance Girl: Dailies” to 2010 when it should be called “Renaissance Girl: If Inspiration Strikes”. I’ve even created content on other platforms I have not tried before, just to explore how micro-blogging, social media and integrated blogging technologies can work for me. Dabbled in Tumblr, Posterous, LinkedIn, Spoke, Networked Blogs, I did. I re-familiarized myself with blog catalogues and their contribution to inbound traffic (the verdict is not yet out on that).

In the process of re-learning the environment I once swam in with cheeky confidence, I realize that …

… I have mellowed a lot over 8 years. At my worst, I was (in lieu of the term synonymous to a female dog) a “tempestuous soul”. Many situations that upset me then, in hindsight, are hilarious to me now.

… I miss paper. Web sites have the reach, yes; but are temporal. They are too dependent on author interest or server upkeep.

… I could very well have been the world’s very first “Twit”.  I had a need for Twitter years before it became available. My “Blurts” micro-blog, started in 2002, predates Twitter’s 2006 launch. I created the blog and integrated it into my main blog (all on Blogger site) and published several times a day, via a now defunct *.ru WAP-driven publishing engine.

… I may have used terms related to human body appendages one too many times. And Google, with its cached versions of sites that have quoted me, now haunt me like a bad election campaign song on loop.


3 Responses to “Blogger’s remorse”

  1. rolly 06.28.2010 at 20:41 #

    “… I miss paper. Web sites have the reach, yes; but are temporal. They are too dependent on author interest or server upkeep.”

    So true! This is the reason why I don’t go away from blogger. I feel my blog is safe and stable.

    One thing though. My handwriting is no longer legible from the time I started blogging. My handwriting deteriorated ever since. It’s so messy I myself could not read what i’ve written after a few days

  2. Kristine 07.02.2010 at 10:35 #

    I can relate! I reread my blogs from yore and realized that although I loved my writing four years ago, I like to think that I’ve grown up 🙂 Good to be back here!

  3. Mona 07.08.2010 at 11:19 #

    @rolly: in my case, catholic girls school handwriting classes have been permanently ingained thankfully.:)

    @kristine: i have my diaries from grade school and high school. scary reads! 🙂

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