On existentialism

8 Jul

“The individual is solely responsible for giving his or her own life meaning and for living that life passionately and sincerely.” Existentialist philosophies have been swirling in my head for weeks now. Something expected, considering my cyclical propensity to ponder on my purpose in life.

I have decided to take some time away from my natural habitat, alone, to indulge in my philosphical curiosities, to ruminate on my life’s contribution and to search inside my head for my soul’s passion. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a retreat, and I think I’m due.

My gut tells me not to travel with my usual technology arsenal (blackberry, laptop, ipod, digital camera); but I will keep that decision pending until I decide where I will be going.


2 Responses to “On existentialism”

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  2. rolly 07.16.2010 at 09:46 #

    I also do this sometimes. Go away and be alone and reminisce. this is the time I realize there is so much I have to do and could have done something else. I learn a lot from these escapades. 🙂

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