No dead air

1 Mar

Driving my daughter to school at six o’clock in the morning is everything but a sleepy trip.  Animated tales about her friends, her cats, her favorite toy, among many “chika’s”, ricochet inside our sedan as it crawls to Katipunan.  Details flood out of my seven-year old’s lips in one seemingly endless run-on sentence. As I see her off at the school gate, I look forward to the new, elaborate stories the day will bring; but I am also thankful for the temporary respite.

Everyone needs some “dead air” in their lives.  Between updating FB and Twitter on the BB and chasing clients and cleaning out emails and writing up reports and keeping with reality game shows, we often choose not to unplug, even if we easily could; as we are now so easily bored with sitting quiet.  (I am talking of myself there, mostly.)  Literal silence is the OS on which the app of enlightenment runs.  Or so I am proving out.

Ok.  Now off to play Wii …

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