Food, glorious food!

1 Sep

Those who have read me before are familiar with my bewilderment at people who take photos of their meals.  Especially those who can’t make their food look good in photographs. I have said at more than one occasion that telling me what you had for breakfast, does not a good blog entry make.

So, what’s with the food photos all of a sudden?  Before you pass judgement, know that I am doing this to lose weight. Someone told me that they read it somewhere and Google confirmed it.  Ipso facto, I now know this to be true.

How does it work?  When you have to style your food for a photograph, you are aware of color — you have to balance the beige, white, brown (carbs, meats) with red, greens, purples (veggies, fruits).  You don’t want the plate to look like you are eating for two — hello, portion control.  You are aware of composition, so you take the time to get the cutlery, glasses and napkin in place versus wolfing everything down as soon as your behind lands on the dining chair.  Sounds logical, right?

(Um, if you start seeing photos of burgers and pizza in my photoblog, then you’ll know this idea was a glorious failure.)

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