One Little Candle

29 Feb

Random thoughts about first communion:

– Excessive use of white satin polyester … unlike.
– No need to hassle a friend to be a “ninong” or “ninang” … like.
– The need for a parent seminar … unlike.
– Hearing the song “One Little Candle” sung by angelic voices (including my daughter’s) … like.

All things considered, first communion is still my favorite Catholic ritual.

I sang “One Little Candle” at my kindergarten graduation at St. Theresa’s College Manila back in 1972. The song still haunts me because it captures my wish for myself. And now, my wish for my children.

I wish that their faith burns using their own “wick”, that the desire to connect with the Big Man comes from within — not because it is forced on them.

I wish they become examples for others, inspiring others to be decent people — instead of lecturing others on what is right.

“And if everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world it would be.”

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