Kitty Mama and me

14 Jul

My budding friendship with Kitty Mama seems to me to be one of those astrologically pre-destined events, considering the volumes we have in common.

Kitty Mama and I both rock being rubinesque — high blood pressure and all. Our gorgeous, loving husbands would swear to that glorious fact — or at the very least, do so under fear of pain.

We are both scary intelligent. Although Kitty Mama’s high grade school valedictorian, Pisay, Intarmed background makes her much, much scarier.

We both find joy in writing. We even chose, by some strange coincidence, the same WordPress template for our blogs. She reviews books and movies; and crafts original Sylvannian tales. I research family trees and write biographies.

We both love cats. She loves the cute, fluffy ones that adorn her room and her blog. I love the real ones that shed on my bed, barf on the stairs and scratch me bloody.

Then there is the autism advocacy that brought us together in the first place. Over the summer, we were both resource speakers at a conference on autism, and sat in a panel on “The Family’s Journey”. Our teenage boys on the spectrum only have two years between them; so our families went through not-exactly similar turmoil at around the same time.

Friendship of a fellow autism parent was something I never sought before. I was too busy being a mom, building a career, tending to my household, all the while thinking this is the way to “keep my priorities straight”. So when I began my work with the Autism Society of the Philippines, and met many passionate men and women who, like myself, simply want to make the world a more compassionate and better-equipped place for our children with autism to grow old in, it hit me how I just stumbled across the noblest priority I could ever have. And the fellowship of these kindred spirits organically became something I sought, something I am hoping would make me a better parent, a better person.

The freedom to talk to a fellow autism parent about our family’s autism journey without fear of judgement or the need for self-editing was liberating. We let ourselves enjoy the time we were spending NOT hovering over our children; because we recognize that we can only make our kids happy, if we work on making ourselves happy. When tossed into one room together, we laugh. A lot.

The Kimmi Doll Kitty Mama gave me as a gift came with a description that said it all. “My spirit brings relief and gives strength. By always letting laughter into your life, you give my spirit its power. May laughter always lighten your life and strengthen your soul so no burden to too heavy to carry and no sadness too great to bear.”

I do hope you feel better soon, Pinky! Carbo-loading is in our future.


2 Responses to “Kitty Mama and me”

  1. Kittymama 08.06.2012 at 11:33 #

    Ooohhh. I didn’t see this right away! Thank you so much! Just a correction, though: I was not high school valedictorian (I wish, haha, but I was balancing grades and boys, not an easy thing to do for a teenager then), grade school lang. The honor belongs to a friend, Dr. Brenda Carbonilla-Pancho. She is a real credit to the medical profession. 🙂

    • Mona 08.06.2012 at 11:37 #

      Oo nga pala — grade school! Made the change, Mwah! 😀

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