That thing called the Olympics

28 Jul

I woke up today at 5:30 or so. Team New Zealand beamed at me from the TV screen, as soon as I pushed the right buttons. A few minutes later, I witnessed the three-second appearance of the Philippine Team.  Sent them all my big, screaming, virtual cheer!

I sat for a bit, wishing  we had a better sports program in the country; so our athletes can compete in enough international meets to qualify for events like this (we only have 11 athletes this year). I distinctly remember watching re-runs of the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics and wanting so badly to be Nadia Comaneci (the first athlete to ever score a perfect 10 in gymnastics); but had no where to go to train.  I mourn for that missed window only bright-eyed young idealists look though.

My kids are neither nursing Olympic dreams nor desires to cheer for a team; but we did watched the opening ceremonies for the entertainment. The kids loved the Mr. Bean sketch.

For much of our morning, they kept referencing the Olympic opening ceremony from the Simpsons — that time when Marge and Homer won the gold for mixed curling.  Sharing the fun — Who you gonna call?!

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