Of birthdays and non-vacations

25 Oct

My birthday is just around the corner and I can’t help but fantasize about a magical week of nothing but vegging out. Since I was born a few days before “undas”, I had always been assured of stress-free, all-play birthdays.

Adulthood, being the all-time damper that it is, brought an end to my wonderful days of pure sloth. There’s office work that needs to be finished before the long holidays, the logistics for the visit to cemeteries to figure out, and the school projects the kids need to complete (for teachers who are bigger kill-joys than me). Sucks to be an adult sometimes!

This week-end, as a preface to my birthday, I will be attending the Autism Society Philippines’ Chapter Leaders Conference. I am speaking on Saturday about our social media strategy and on Sunday, I will be talking about project management and outcome thinking. I had a family lunch last week-end and got my presents in advance because of my engagements — silver lining!

Come Monday, my actual birthday, it will feel like I’m back in grad school — me and my teammates are locking ourselves in a conference room until we finish course work for the IBM Global Sales School. While this is going on, I will be playing scenes from my alternate fantasy universe in my head. I will be sitting on a deserted beach beside Keanu Reeves, trying to get a 3G signal for my iPad.

All that aside, I look forward to a hearty sense of accomplishment before I kill off a couple of hundred digital zombies, in defense of the plants of the world and then sleep off the first two days of November.


“Oh, Keanu.” (Photo via Urban Romance)

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