A new leaf

31 Oct

ASP is a community, a family, like no other. *Heart*

My blog turns a new leaf every few years.  I remember the early years when my writing voice was one of an angry, sarcastic thirty-year old.

Since then, I wrote less of what I had for breakfast (as that content has migrated to Instagram) and less of my children (now on Facebook) and more on how I saw the world around me.  I wrote less not because I had nothing going on in my life; but I was struggling with that over-arching editorial voice for that lady called “Mighty Magulang”.

Fate had just tapped me on the shoulder and spelled this out.

I was recently elected the National President of the Autism Society Philippines.  This is an honor and a responsibility which I accepted with profound gratitude and deeply-felt humility.  The responsibility of quarterbacking an organization of 10,000 members and 70 chapters is a daunting one.  It is my intention to write about my adventures over my term (2014-2016) with the hope that more parents and persons with autism will take up the challenge of being a leader in our growing advocacy.

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