Of Wins and Wounds

31 Jan

As I sit beside my son Diego at his school’s Honors Convocation, with his recently acquired plaque by his feet, I ponder on his milestone week.

Yes, Diego’s hard work earned him a beautiful glass doodad for stellar grades. We are so proud! His plaque will go into an “eskaparate” at home, with his salutatorian medal and the recognition other family members has been fortunate to receive over the years.

But I also speak of the other “badge of honor” he got this week, while cleaning knives too enthusiastically in class. He brought home a one-centimeter bleeding flesh wound in the middle of his left palm — his first official kitchen accident since he decided to study culinary arts.


With my kids, I have learned that recognition is never the goal. It has been a fun outcome of doing what they are going to do anyway. And the “fails” have been more profoundly educational than any master class.

Falling down a long flight of steps in three-inch heels, and a tight skirt as a 22-year old, taught me never to combine those three elements ever again! A lesson learned the hard way is a lesson learned well. (Kaya nga po hindi ako nag-ramp model — haha!)

I wish my all children both success and failure in life. May you earn your “stripes” because you worked hard and attempted to do big things —- failure or no. May you find your life’s passion and do that so well, you will receive any recognition with humility; but won’t need any award to validate your life’s work.

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