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18 Feb

After about 16 hours in the air, I finally got to the hotel at around 4pm.  Didn’t even unpack.  Just crashed.  It was a restless sleep though.  I woke up at every hour.   I got a cramp on my right calf — three times.  At around 3am, I got a nightmare about my kids.  So, now I’m up.  With so much good stuff on TV, who needs sleep anyways?

– White snow is everywhere in Columbus.  School’s cancelled because of it.  Or so the captioning on the news says.  All of it  just screams how far from home I am.

– Advertisements for debt reduction consultants at this time of the morning are so funny.  “Are you being harassed by your creditors?  Out of no fault of your own?”  Hilarious!

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