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Chromosome malfunction?

11 Feb

Me and the husband are almost done building the house — we’re down to finishings!  And while “tradition” would ordain that the man gets dibs on discussing the grade of hollow blocks and steel girders with the architect/contractor, I have been on the ground doing that for the last 6 months.

I have become intimate with the lay-out of Wilcon, MC Home Depot and Ortigas Home Depot.  Sales people there call me by my first name.  I can tell the size of angle valves by sight.  I have an opinion on what pressure tank would work best for our needs.  I use thousand-peso architectural terms like “porte cochere” and “soffit” in conversations!

I am enjoying my passing curiosity in plumbing fixtures, electrical supplies and masonry options.  Tonight, I search for the perfect hinged floor drain.  Yay!

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