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Boo humbug

31 Oct

I am all for Hallowen and the parental toil that goes with it.  Executing costumes, dressing up one’s home, bagging goodies — I enjoy that.  But my teeth start to itch when …

… you show up at my door in your torn-up pambahay with smeared lipstick on your face, calling the get up a “zombie”.  Corpses are dressed in their Sunday’s best before they are dropped in the pit, Dude.

… you sit in the car and let your nanny claim your candy. If you are too small to hold a bag, it’s likely you are too small to care whether you get candy or not.  Sorry, Yaya.

… you think you are too cool for costumes; but knock on houses asking for free candy.  That’s like extortion.  There should be a law.

… you dress up your kid in a Halloween cliche.  TV and Hollywood should stop with the vampire shows and movies already.  Seriously.

I will be imposing non-tolerance of the abovementioned from now on.  There’ll will be a big, cheesy tarpaulin sign hanging by the gate that’ll say so.

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